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Just like a gem, each moment is unique and every emotion is valuable.

For us, the most interesting part of jewelry is the connection between gold and precious stones and our inner world.

We strive to reveal the most positive and bright side of you through our jewelry.

We respect classical forms and authenticity of style while we love the inspiration of modern design.

We are committed since 1970 to the tradition we inherited to offer our customers variety of choices in gold jewelry which follow modern design and global fashion trends at the most reasonable market prices.

On this site you can see jewelry from our various collections.

We look forward to serving you in one of our shops where we can share with you our image of the world as a jewel, an ornament, a thing of beauty.

Yours sincerely
Petros Tasoulis


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Veranzerou 29

Τ +30 210 522 1988


Patision 157

Τ +30 210 862 2462


Kiriazi 30

Τ +30 216 900 9003