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Reproduction and copying of texts and photographs under Law 2121 is prohibited. Law 2121/1993 (Government Gazette A’25, 4/3/93) revises the previous legislation of 1920 and complies with EU directives. The law was drastically amended in several provisions by Article 8 of Law 2557/1997 (Government Gazette A’271 / 1997) pursuant to Directives 93/83 and 93/98 of the EEC.

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Petrostasoulis.gr is updated and is constantly expanding both in terms of functionality and products and services, and consequently renews its terms of use. We encourage you to read this page at regular intervals to be informed of any changes to its content. Terms of use may be modified at any time without prior notice to users.

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Some parts of the site may include additional rules, guidelines, or other terms and conditions that apply to your access to or use of these sections of the site and which may be revised at intervals.

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